Having drinks is tasty and fun. Whether you’re going out with your friends, or enjoying a rainy evening on the patio, nothing quite satisfies like sipping on a Russian imperial stout. Sometimes, you wish you had written down the name of that red wine that you had a few weeks ago as you’re going shopping and really want to pick it up again. Or perhaps you’re considering buying a new bottle of scotch but can’t remember if you liked Macallan 10, and you dare not spend $60 on something you’re going to drink once and forget about. That’s where BuzzBot comes in.

BuzzBot allows you to log your drinks so that you can remember them later. Record that bottle of Community Mosaic you had tonight, because it’s delicious and you’re sure to want more next month. Absolutely hated that rum you drank last Thursday? You can give it a low rating and you’ll know to avoid it next time. BuzzBot allows you to record drink-specific notes so you can remember any peculiarities, and will recall the last notes you entered when you’re recording a drink you had before.

Like I said, drinks are fun. However, we all know that you can’t overdo it. That’s where the standard drink logging comes in. BuzzBot uses the NIAAA weekly drink standards to help make sure you aren’t drinking too much. If you go over, the Std. drinks remaining and Oz. alcohol remaining fields become negative and turn red, telling you to take it easy.

Fred had a little too much this week


Since, according to the NIAAA, men and women have differing alcohol tolerance levels, BuzzBot allows you to change your sex. Doing so instantly changes the number of standard drinks remaining and the oz. of alcohol remaining in the stats tab. By default, BuzzBot calculates your alcohol consumption from the previous Sunday forward. You can also change this in the Preferences dialog. Simply click on the App Menu “BuzzBot” in the menu bar, and click Preferences.

BuzzBot Preferences Dialog


I think BuzzBot will help you remember your drinks, and to drink responsibly. I hope you find it as useful as I do.




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