Re-Mounting Missing ESXi Datastore after iSCSI Failure

When an ESXi host occasionally becomes disconnected from a LUN, it can be a little frustrating to fix. Once the LUNs are recognized by ESXi, sometimes you will find that a datastore is missing. Iā€™m partially posting this as a way to archive the fix for myself, but I hope it helps you too.

The fix:

  • Enable SSH on the host
  • SSH into the host
  • Run esxcfg-volume -l without the quotes. You will see something like the following:DatastoreListing
  • Note the VMFS UUID/label. We want the label, which is iSCSI-DSA on my host
  • Run esxcfg-volume -M iSCSI-DSA to mount the volume persistently, or esxcfg-volume -m iSCSI-DSA to mount it temporarily.
  • Disable SSH on your host

Hope that helped!

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