Introducing BuzzBot

I’m very excited to announce my first app, BuzzBot, has been released on the Mac App Store!

BuzzBot tracks your favorite drinks and your weekly alcohol consumption to help you remember drinks you’ve enjoyed while making sure you aren’t overdoing it. 

The project began as I decided to brush up on C++. I initially began learning it in college, but moved to Python and developed other projects. I wanted to create something that I’d use, something that utilizes a database backend (BuzzBot uses SQLite), and something that would allow me to implement a graphical interface. I put my nose to the grindstone, and BuzzBot was born. I found it useful, and realized that others might too, so I decided to share it on the App Store.

I learned several things through this project, including:

  • The importance of a good Git workflow
  • The necessity of useful unit tests
  • How useful Continuous Integration is, even for a solo developer
  • How useful pointers are
  • The pain of submitting an app to the app store

This project has been, and continues to be, a blast to work on and an excellent learning opportunity. I have found it useful and I think you will too.

I plan on updating it regularly as I learn from my mistakes and find more useful features.

Read more about BuzzBot here.

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